Medical Aid Schemes offer a variety of options. Our skilled consultants will assist you to select the option that best suits your needs. 

Comprehensive Options

Plans that provide rich hospital cover with chronic illness cover and extensive out of hospital benefits with generous limits.

Hospital Plan Options

Plans that provide for in hospital and chronic illness cover only.

Low Cost (Income Based) Options

Largely network-based plans that provide limited benefits within the Schemes designated service provider network.

Get Rewarded

The opportunity to join wellness-based programs associated with the selected Medical Scheme.


Gap Cover has emerged as a smart way of protecting one from costly medical expense shortfalls that are not covered by thier medical aid scheme. A number of providers and options are available to complement ones medical aid scheme benefit in order to avoid the potential financial burden of exorbitant medical expense shortfalls.

Our Gap cover products are available to clients on all medical aid schemes, but are independently provided and are therefore transferable in the event of a change in the client’s medical aid scheme.

Note that Gap cover policies are designed to compliment and cannot be used as a substitute to a medical scheme.


Life insurance ensures that you and your family are financially protected in the event of a death. The life cover benefit pays a lump sum in the event of a death which can then be used by beneficiaries to cover financial obligations in the event of a death.

In addition, severe illness, disability and income protection benefits can cover your financial needs in the form of either a lump sum benefit payment or a regular income (or combination of both).

With the ever-increasing cost of quality education, education protector policies have become extremely popular to cater for the costs of children’s education in the event of death and/or disability.

We also offer Business Assurance solutions including Buy & Sell, Keyman and contingent Liability policy structures. It is critical for a Company to get their Business Assurance policies structures correct to avoid unnecessary tax consequences in the event of a claim with incorrectly structured policies.


DSA Brokers provides solutions for people who wish to accumulate wealth over the medium to longer-term by saving regularly. Investments are a great way to invest your savings, whether you are saving for your retirement, saving for your child’s education, or saving for something special.

We provide our customers with the best investment services possible. The investment solutions that we offer include Retirement Annuities, Preservation Fund Options and Endowments.


We offer a wide range of employee benefit options for our corporate clients. These options include:

Provident or Pension Funds give employers, as well as the employees, an opportunity to contribute to the employee`s retirement planning.

Group Insurance Benefits provide employees with a defined insurance benefit entitlement to protect the employee and their dependants in the event of a life changing event. The following can be catered for;

Death Benefit: Usually defined as a multiple of annual salary that provides life cover payable as a lump sum on the death of the employee to their beneficiaries.     

Capital Disability: Usually defined as a multiple of annual salary. A Lump Sum Disability Benefit is an amount that is paid on the total and permanent disability of the member.

Income Disability: Pays a disabled employee a monthly income in the event of the employee not being able to earn an income through their injury or illness.       

Children’s Education is an indemnity benefit that protects the cost of a deceased employees children’s education.

Funeral Benefits provide for the payment of a cash benefit on the death of the employee (including spouse and children) to help the family with the expenses of a funeral.


We have partnered with Providers that offer our client’s comprehensive, flexible and affordable insurance that is tailored to their lifestyle. In the complex environment of short-term insurance, it is critical to have a qualified guide clients in their product selection.