DSA HEALTHCARE & INSURANCE BROKERS is an accredited and licensed independent brokerage registered with the South African Council of Medical Schemes and the Financial Sector Conduit Authority of South Africa (FSCA).

Our team is made up of experienced professionals all of whom are specialists in their field. DSA HEALTHCARE & INSURANCE BROKERS is focused on providing risk, financial and healthcare advisory services and solutions across a broad spectrum of clients ranging from large multinational corporations, medium to small businesses as well as   individuals. With over two decades in the industry we maintain   the highest service standards and continue to thrive as a leading financial services brokerage.

The financial services industry is complex with a number of products to select from. An independent broker is able to guide a client through the process of selecting a financial product to match ones needs efficiently and effectively. Our experts work with our loyal clients to guide them on the path to financial security and future stability.