Medical Aid Scheme Cover in South Africa has developed into a complex market. We assist our clients in assessing Medical Scheme options available to them and obtaining the best healthcare cover to suit their individual needs.

Gap cover products have increased in South Africa in recent years to provide policyholders with and additional layer of cover for in-hospital specialist shortfalls and hospital co-payments not covered by the policyholder’s medical aid scheme.

The life insurance industry is multifaceted, and our experts are here to guide and assist you on the correct path. We offer numerous options for individual as well as corporate clients.

Start saving your money in flexible, tax efficient investment products. The investment service solutions that we are able to provide are constructed to suit our clients’ unique requirements.


With an employee benefit Retirement Funding and or Group Insurance solution that is simple to use and understand our aim is to assist you in protecting you employee’s financial future.

DSA Healthcare & Insurance Brokers offers clients a comparative quote for car and household insurance products to meet every client’s unique requirements