We offer a wide range of employee benefit options for our corporate clients. These options include:

Provident or Pension Funds give employers, as well as the employees, an opportunity to contribute to the employee`s retirement planning.

Group Insurance Benefits provide employees with a defined insurance benefit entitlement to protect the employee and their dependants in the event of a life changing event. The following can be catered for;

Death Benefit: Usually defined as a multiple of annual salary that provides life cover payable as a lump sum on the death of the employee to their beneficiaries.     

Capital Disability: Usually defined as a multiple of annual salary. A Lump Sum Disability Benefit is an amount that is paid on the total and permanent disability of the member.

Income Disability: Pays a disabled employee a monthly income in the event of the employee not being able to earn an income through their injury or illness.       

Children’s Education is an indemnity benefit that protects the cost of a deceased employees children’s education.

Funeral Benefits provide for the payment of a cash benefit on the death of the employee (including spouse and children) to help the family with the expenses of a funeral.Sample Text